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The Complete cost of Compressed Air

cost of air compressors

Airia Compressed Air Solutions, local compressed air specialists, today present a free of charge document that addresses typical compressed air energy saving issues associated with compressed air. Includes information on leak detection monitoring and waste heat recovery.

Company Director Andrew Drummond (who compiled the document) commented. “Rising electricity prices over recent years have added yet another challenge to businesses striving to maintain profitability. In response to these rising prices, compressed air technology is developing to help businesses recoup the cost of energy. Electricity costs are estimated to account for up to 75 percent of the lifetime costs of compressed air generation. This useful document includes a detailed explanation of the various areas that companies can target to reduce their compressed air consumption and ways to run their systems more efficiently to reduce overall compressed air production costs”.

To download your free pdf copy of the ‘Complete Cost of Compressed Air’ document click here

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