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Oxygen Generation

On-site oxygen generation with best-in-class benefits

Generating your own oxygen instead of buying it, is a smart idea. Choosing an Atlas Copco OGP+ is even smarter. Thanks to its revolutionary engineering, the OGP + delivers oxygen generation performance and efficiency unrivalled on the market. The plug-and-play OGP+ allows you to choose the correct purity level for your application with the touch of a button. As a result, you enjoy the freedom, continuity and reliability of on-site generation at a much lower cost per unit of O2.

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Oxygen (O2) is used across a wide range of industries, from aquaculture to bioenergy, metallurgy, and pharmaceutical production. In the past, companies could only get oxygen from vendors. Now, however, there is a much better option for most of them: The on-site generation of oxygen. It allows professional users of oxygen users to become producers.

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Airia Compressed Air Solutions - Compressor Repair - Southampton

Cost Savings

Airia Compressed Air Solutions - Compressor Repair - Southampton

Hands-off performance

Advanced features, superior benefits

Complete machine with O2 sensor, digital flow meter, and pressure regulator included as standard.


Automatic start-up allows for plug-and-play installation.


Advanced controller with large HD colour touchscreen offers easy gas purity selection, purity alerts and connectivity options. 

Small footprint thanks to intelligent design and aluminium extrusions. 


Feed air monitoring and interception


Oxygen purity monitoring and interception. The Zirconia oxygen sensor’s long lifetime reduces service intervention needs and costs. 

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