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Switch your Brewery From co2 to n2?

Nitrogen Generation

Did you know that breweries have traditionally relied on CO2 as the essential gas for all brewing processes? From tank purging and bottling to inerting, carbon dioxide has historically been a brewery’s gas of choice. Until now!

Enter nitrogen, an inert gas that has been fully embraced by the food and beverage industry as an alternative to CO2.

3 reasons

There are three main reasons that illustrate why breweries should consider the switch from CO2 to N2: practicality, sustainability, and economical.

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Whatever shape or size of the brewery; a large brewery, microbrewery or a craft brewery. Airia Compressed Air Solutions offer solutions for every single size. Compressed air is used in nearly every step of any brewery’s production process. From fermentation and aeration to bottling and carbonating. Airia can tailor products specifically to the brewery’s needs. All depending on their energy, size and noise requirements. With six standard packages, a nitrogen generator is available to cover around 80% of all breweries. From those producing a few thousand barrels a year to several hundred thousand barrels a year. A brewery can also oversize its nitrogen generator to accommodate for growth while simultaneously maintaining efficiency. There’s even the option to add a second generator if the brewery’s business expands substantially.

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