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13 Years Old – “Officially Teenagers”

Airia Birthday

Airia Compressed Air Solutions are celebrating another milestone as today marks 13 YEARS in business!

Airia was formed as it was concluded that the compressed air industry needed a new forward-thinking company who genuinely care about their customers. A Compressor Company that can provide an honest, professional, and reliable service at competitive rates.

Founded by Andy Drummond and Paul Brewer in 2009, these values are still going strong today. These values have resulted in a long list of happy customers and an amazing workforce of double digits!

We thank all our customers, dedicated suppliers, and our hard-working team for helping us to achieve this amazing milestone.

Thirteen Airia Facts:

Seeing as we are now 13, here’s 13 things you may not know about Airia Compressed Air Solutions and our amazing team!

1.  The “swirl” on our logo was chosen as it reminded the Directors of the scroll type air compressor.
2. Our first ever service customer has renewed their service contract with us every year!
3.  Since 2009 we have employed 4 apprentices, 1 has progressed to Service Team Leader, 2 have progressed to Field Service Engineer and the 4th is entering their second year at college.
4. 3 of our employees have over 10 years of dedicated service!
5. The first Airia service vehicles were Volkswagen Transporters that had no air conditioning!
6. In our office, we have a little game called “Its your turn to brew up”… If you receive the picture, you’ve got to make everyone a tea/coffee. It’s gotten inventive over the years from sending via email to hiding a tiny pic in the battery slot of a PC mouse!
7. On average, our service engineers complete 2,015 jobs per year!
8. We own two industrial units, in 2015 we purchased the industrial unit that we had previously leased followed by a second industrial unit purchase in 2020.
9. In 2012, we received a prestigious award from our main supplier for “UK highest overall growth”.
10. Our current Airia service vehicles actually glow in the dark!
11. On average, our service engineers use 6,473 litres of screw compressor oil per year!
12. We have an office mascot called Hamish (a leprechaun plush toy). Hamish was found when we moved in to our first industrial unit and has been our good luck charm ever since!
13. Director Andy Drummond consumes around 6 cups of tea every working day, which equals around 1,560 teabags per year!

Want to be part of the Airia success story? We are recruiting – See here for a list of current Job Vacancies.

All work is guaranteed, and customer service is always of the highest standard; why not try Airia today?